Live Shopping: The Future of Retail

The extended stay-at-home period has forced rapid digitalization in many sectors, and online shopping has become the latest habit that people have grown accustomed to. Everything from day-to-day needs to tertiary needs can be fulfilled digitally. Given the current acceleration in online shopping, how do you think it will be in the future? Let’s talk about it!

What Fresh Graduates Need to Prepare to Get into PR Industry

Some people may imagine that working in public relations is glamorous and fancy. However, working in front of the camera and interacting with a high-profile figure is only part of the job. It’s about being able to tell and enhance a brand’s story while meeting varied deadlines. So, how should recent grads prepare for a career in this field? Let’s have a look at how to ace your first job.

Difference Between Conventional and Digital PR

The fast-paced modern society today is heavily supported by the ongoing innovation in technology, which also influences various aspects and industries. Public Relations (PR) is no exception, as the world is getting more and more digitized, the role evolves to embrace broader audiences in the digital realm that traditional PR tactics may not be able to reach. With that, does that mean traditional PR is out of date? Let’s find out.

Occam Lab Talk Eps. 2: Designing a Public Relations Campaign

Often we hear the term “campaign”, especially when a company or brand is aggressively marketing its products or services. What elements need to be considered in designing a campaign? In this 2nd episode of Lab talk, Rendy together with Yasmin and Fauzan from Occam Communication Indonesia will discuss everything about public relations campaigns.

Advantages of Working in a PR Firm

Working as a PR professional in a communication firm can be a good fit if you enjoy new challenges and meeting new people. You will gain a variety of experiences as well as the privilege to learn about the current industry trends. In this industry, no two days are alike, therefore the dynamic and collaborative environment will give you a day full of learning and growth opportunities. So what are the advantages of working in a PR firm?