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Our operations began in 2014 as an independent communications consultancy firm. In 2016, we became part of the Maverick Group with the Occam flag. Our clients and partners acknowledge the integrity we bring to our practice, tactical capabilities, and network among media and key opinion leaders.

Occam's Razor

Our name is inspired by the problem-solving principle “Occam’s Razor” attributed to the Scholastic philosopher William of Ockham (1285 – 1347). The principle “entities should not be multiplied without necessity” is our beacon at Occam to provide the best communications solution for you. We declutter the noise, design your communications blueprint, and deliver efficient and effective executions.

Partnership Values

We value the vital quality of forming respectful partnerships with clients, journalists, influential figures and other collaborators as a principle in every aspect of our work.

– Deliver efficient and effective PR tactical solutions with measurable results.
– Truth, trust, and transparency in all our operations and practices.
– Sensible and forthright consultation to clients on achieving goals.

Client Experience

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