Clubhouse: PR Nightmare or Opportunity?

Clubhouse, the audio-based social platform, is now available on Android. Clubhouse is a popular medium to socialize amongst the people. It is an exclusive invitation-only app, audio-based social network platform where people can host a casual talk or listen to conversations. It was at first exclusively only available on the Apple Store but recently available on Android, allowing the community to grow and come together to talk, listen and hang out. This social media allows users to organize discussions with wide-ranging topics of interest. Even though the app makes communication easier, it does bring some challenges for PR. Have you considered these before navigating into the app?

For business, Clubhouse provides a platform where executives, influencers and entrepreneurs can host and participate in audio discussions about any topic. Instead of an audio recording, the audience listens to live conversations and can raise a hand for questions. It is os much simpler than hosting a webinar and as effective as having a real discussion panel. It is a new and familiar tool to connect with the public and exert through leader qualities.

Is it an opportunity?

The new platform gives businesses and institutions a new medium to deliver their message. It reduces preparation time and cost to run. If properly moderated, it can be an effective tactic to enhance the reputation and maintain relationships with stakeholders CEOs and Directors can continue to actively represent company interest and be thought leaders in relevant topics.

Why it could be a nightmare?

Anyone can participate as a speaker, including employees not authorized or trained to represent the company in public. Brand reputation is at great risk if employees leak confidential information or make unlawful comments. Clubhouse needs to be included in the company’s Social Media guidelines regarding employees participating in public discussions. Just like any other speaking event, authorized spokespeople need to be trained and equipped with talking points before joining as a speaker in a Clubhouse room.

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