How to Build Personal Branding

In the digitalization era where people use social media for purposes other than social interaction, establishing a personal brand has become a necessity. Personal branding is the effort to engage with the world while keeping your authenticity in order to build trust and engagement. However, working on personal branding can be difficult at first. Let’s take a look at the tips on building personal branding to improve your online presence.

1. Figure out who you are and want to accomplish

In this step, you can start to identify your skills and aspirations. It is critical to determine your next steps by seeing an honest reflection of who you are and what values you can bring. As a result, you can begin creating an image that corresponds to it and helps in the development of the persona.

2. Choose your audience

To provide well-thought-out content, you must first understand who your intended audience is. It’s much easier to be an expert in a specific group of people than a massive one. It makes conversations more engaging and gives you a better chance of standing out and gaining popularity.

3. Decide your tone

There are three C’s of building a personal brand: creator, curator and connector.

Creator – it is when you produce original content that benefits your audience. It implies that your work revolves around your own creativity and ideas.

Curator – It is when you collect information from various resources and it adds value to the lives of your audience.

Connector – It is when you act as a bridge between the needs of your audience and the person who can fulfill those needs. COnnectors aim to solve problems by directing them to the right resource.

4. Develop a strong narrative and social media presence

To stand out in a competitive landscape, you need to be consistent in your content posting. The narrative should be supported by research, and the wording needs to be clear and compelling. Including relevant keywords in your profile and sharing content related to your industry will also help you gain additional exposure while engaging visuals will make your content more shareable.

5. Build a circle of influencers

To develop your personal brand, you have to stay connected with top-notch people. The wider your network, the more resources you will have to cover interesting stories and powerful ideas. As an outcome, your social media presence will captivate a larger audience.


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