Occam Lab Talk eps. 1: What does a Public Relations practitioner actually do?

Occam Lab Talk

For our very first podcast video “Occam Lab Talk, we discuss what a Public Relations (PR) practitioner actually does. Often, we receive questions from friends or family, “What exactly is Public Relations and what do you do?” Most people have heard of the term but don’t necessarily understand the details of the profession. PR practice is often mixed up with marketing or even sales.


About Occam Komunikasi Indonesia
Our operations began in 2014 as an independent communications consultancy firm. In 2016, we became part of the Maverick Group with the Occam flag. Our clients and partners acknowledge the integrity we bring to our practice, tactical capabilities, and network among media and key opinion leaders.

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Occam Lab Talk Eps. 2: Designing a Public Relations Campaign

Often we hear the term “campaign”, especially when a company or brand is aggressively marketing its products or services. What elements need to be considered in designing a campaign? In this 2nd episode of Lab talk, Rendy together with Yasmin and Fauzan from Occam Communication Indonesia will discuss everything about public relations campaigns.

Difference Between Conventional and Digital PR

The fast-paced modern society today is heavily supported by the ongoing innovation in technology, which also influences various aspects and industries. Public Relations (PR) is no exception, as the world is getting more and more digitized, the role evolves to embrace broader audiences in the digital realm that traditional PR tactics may not be able to reach. With that, does that mean traditional PR is out of date? Let’s find out.

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