Live Shopping: The Future of Retail

The extended stay-at-home period has forced rapid digitalization in many sectors, and online shopping has become the latest habit that people have grown accustomed to. Everything from day-to-day needs to tertiary needs can be fulfilled digitally. Given the current acceleration in online shopping, how do you think it will be in the future? Let’s talk about it!

Live shopping has emerged as a big thing since the ongoing pandemic has affected face-to-face engagement. In response to the shopping restrictions imposed by closed malls and stores, brands are now adding the live feature to their marketing tactics to appeal to a wider audience.

Various digital channels can be utilized to offer live video to promote the products hosted by in-store staff., KOLs or even celebrities. The existence of the brand persona and engagement on Instagram can attract the audience to join its Instagram Live, which allows the host to interact with the audience in two ways – reviewing the products and selling the items in real-time through a chatbox.

This phenomenon has captivated the audience as it is the perfect bridge between online browsing and in-store shopping. Furthermore, this virtual journey has provided the audience with a glimpse of joy in discovering the product and its unique behind-the-scene stories of each item, which are valuable and inspiring. It also highlighted the importance of reviews, with celebrities and KOL having a significant impact on purchase decisions.

Thus, live shopping is predicted to be the future of retail since it gives people more options for observing and choosing products while saving them time from strolling around the mall complex. In the future, there will be more digital channels that will evolve to provide interactive content and to offer a seamless virtual experience to the audience.

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