The Science of Storytelling

Of all the stories we read in history books, whether they are political or cultural events, there is one thing that will continue to be a part of it: storytelling, Fundamentally, storytelling is an activity we do almost all of the time. In fact, experts believe it dates back to the time when cave dwellers used pigment to draw on the walls. You must have heard that many great businesses have a strong backstory, right? Let’s take a look at why storytelling is important as it is powerful for your business.
Storytelling, as the name implies, is the act of telling or writing narratives. It has always been mankind’s way of communicating dating back over centuries. Storytelling serves the purpose of passing on valuable knowledge and information from one generation to the next.
Storytelling allows us to connect facts and ideas in a logical, digestible manner that helps in the spread of our agenda. It also provides the proper structure for conveying an idea in such a way that the audience relates to it both rationally and emotionally.
In business, storytelling can be used for internal and external communications, collaboration, and marketing. It enables businesses to break free from the confines and tropes of business jargon by using a powerful narrative to support their message.

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